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Juno offers several different products for various operating systems, including:

PC Linux
Windows 95/98/ME Linspire
Windows NT 4  
Windows 2000  
Windows XP  
Windows Vista  
Windows 7  

Choose the product below to view its minimum system requirements.

Juno Products
Juno and Juno Turbo Internet service for Windows

Juno Turbo and Free 8.x

  Minimum Requirements* Recommended Requirements*
Computer Processor 90 MHz Pentium processor Pentium III processor or higher


64 MB of RAM 128 MB of RAM
Operating System Windows 95 with
Service Pack 2
(Click here for details)
Windows 98 or higher
Modem 28.8K modem 56K modem or higher
Free Disk Space At least 12 MB of free disk space At least 20 MB of free disk space
Browser Internet Explorer 5.0.1** Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher**

For current Juno users upgrading to Juno Turbo:

  Minimum Requirements* Recommended Requirements**
Juno Version Juno QS 1.0 or Juno 7.0 Juno QS 1.3 or Juno 6.x or higher

*Juno Turbo is not currently available for Mac OS.

**Juno Turbodoes not currently support the Netscape browser.

†If you currently are a Juno member and your Juno software does not meet the minimum system requirements, visit to upgrade your software today.

Some of the operating systems that are not supported include: Windows 3.11 or earlier, Windows CE, Mac OS 10.7 or higher, Palm OS, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft X-Box, Web TV, Unix/Linux for Mac, and Mobile Phone Web.